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Tailored teams for your IT projects

Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and more technologies are available. You name it and we’ll find the solution.

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What’s CaterUs Agency?

CaterUs is a food-tech startup working with Machine Learning to boost its core processes. Nowadays, we have partnered with an independent Graduate’s Association from one of the best universities in LATAM, ranked among top ten, to bring you tech solutions for your projects and companies. We count with more than 4k members to help you boost your ideas. We assemble teams to build or co-build your products.

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Why did we decide work together?

In these times of change, the goal is to offer services that can help your business development, ranging from Machine Learning to DevOps, with the experience and professionalism that we always offer to our clients. We have joined forces to provide greater value for you in this new era.


Big pool of resources

Having a place to choose from gives you the comfort of really fulfilling your needs. We have over 4k members ready to dive into your projects.

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High quality

The Graduate’s Association ensures you the highest quality for your projects. Beyond that, if you need a Project Manager, we can also supply you with it.

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Our concept is to help you solve your problems. From the proposal, budget, team assembling, to production and maintenance, we aim to give you the best.

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We are here to help!